For many of us cloud computing and storage is a necessity. Programs and files are getting larger, the records we must keep are getting more complicated thus taking up more space. For many companies, on-site security, storage, and computing power is too costly. That’s where the cloud comes into play. In 1999 Salesforce became the first company to offer enterprise software solutions and applications via a website. There have been many milestones since then and Amazon has led the charge.

The Cloud Future aims to take the mystery out of cloud computing and storage by giving you simple straightforward content. Security seems to be a hot topic among late adopters of cloud storage and although some fear is warranted rest assured cloud storage solutions companies have made it extremely safe to store your files in the sky.

Which companies are the best? What solutions are available to you? What are some tricks and tip you can use to make your cloud experience painless? The Cloud Future will light your path.

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