Security cameras a great way to protect your home – but picking just one from the wide market is not easy. There are countless brands and models, and each of them comes with different features. However, no matter what you’re looking for, you need to have good storage.

There is no point in buying a camera if it cannot monitor all parts of the day. You also don’t want to constantly buy or invest in more space. To get around those issues, you need a security camera that taps into the Cloud.


Cloud vs. Local

There are two main types of security cameras: Cloud and local. Though both protect your home, Cloud-based devices offer many advantages that local ones do not.

For instance, as Cloud-based cameras do not need a microSD card, they do not come with any annoying add-ons like adapters or readers. In addition, they also help you easily store large amounts of video footage without needing to pop the card out again and again.

Here, your footage is sent off to remote servers where it can be stored and easily accessed. In that way, using security camera cloud-based technology is a great way to constantly monitor your home.


The Advantages of the Nest Cam

There are several great Cloud security cameras out there, but one of the best is Alphabet/Google’s Nest Cam. This device, which completely relies on Cloud storage, has its own servers and charges a mere $10 for 10 days of continuous recording.

Set up is easy, and once it is plugged in, the Nest works to catch everything going on outside your home. The recording works 24/7, and enables you to go back through your entire video history to see anything you might have missed.

This system combines Nest Cam technology with Nest Hello and Nest Cam IQ. Those features all work together to bring you one of the best systems on the market.

The camera uses advanced algorithms to tell a person from a thing, and it can even distinguish the difference between a person’s voice or a barking dog. You can set up familiar face alerts as well, which limits notifications by telling the difference between friends and potential intruders.


Better Security with the Arcsoft Simplicam

Another fantastic Cloud-based camera is the Arcsoft Simplicam. Like the Nest Cam, this device is packed with top-of-the-line technology to keep your house monitored at all times.

Not only can you watch your home in HD video and crisp audio from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, but the system also alerts you any time it detects motion. You can then analyze what’s going on outside through the SimpliSafe app and react accordingly.

The device is also able to detect human heat signatures, a feature that ensures you are only alerted when you need to be.

Simplicam is a great option for anyone who wants to make sure they are always in the loop. This is not just a camera, it is a way to turn all of your devices into security machines. With 120 degree vision, night vision, and full audio, the small machine works hard to monitor your property at all times of day.


Keep Constant Watch with Oco

The final option in this guide, Oco is a Cloud camera that helps with a range of different aspects. This brand takes less than a minute to set up, and is equipped with both night vision and two-way talk. As a result, you can both monitor and interact with anyone who might be outside.

Another added bonus is that, though the data is kept on the cloud, you can also store it on a local SD card. That is a great option for anyone who wants to be able to expand their cloud security camera storage.

Those upgrades work with Oco’s smart motion detection and make it a great choice to watch your home, apartment, or business. It does not matter if you’re asleep in bed, out on a day trip, or taking a long vacation, Oco will never stop working.

You can also use the camera to watch second or vacation homes, and you can put it inside your house to monitor a baby’s room or ensure your pet stays out of trouble. That versatility is incredibly important for any security camera and is one of the many reasons Oco is so useful.


Never Miss a Thing with Cloud Security Cameras

Cloud security cameras come in many different forms. You can get a wireless Cloud based security camera, or you can pick up a Wi-Fi security camera with Cloud storage.

No matter what route you take, the above three cameras will give you the protection and consistent monitoring capabilities for any home, apartment, property, or office.

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