If you want to send electronic mail (email) in 2018, then you have several options for the best email hosting.

You can sign up for a web-based email service that provides you with a domain, internet servers, and some kind of e-mail application in order to use to e-mail service. This includes services like Google Mail or Yahoo Mail.

These standard email services are often free but have limited features, making them not ideal for many professional users and small businesses.

On the other hand, you can sign up for a premiere email hosting service. These typically cost money every month but come with an array of additional features.

In the article, we discuss the 10 best email hosting services of 2018. In each section, we give a brief overview of the email hosting service followed by a short discussion of why that company is one of the best providers available.

It’s important to note that we analyze a number of factors when selecting the 10 best services, namely cost, durability, reliability, speed, interface, and company reputation. While many more than 10 email hosting services exist, we think the ones we selected represent the cream of the crop.

We also make sure to note any drawbacks throughout, as we strive to provide a balanced overview of these companies.

Rackspace – Email Hosting Service

rackspace logo

this page is one of the best email hosting services because they have a range of services that will surely meet any customer’s needs

Rackspace has 3 main hosted email plans, specifically a Basic Plan, a Plus Plan, and an Archiving Plan. More information can be found concerning these plans on this page.

Many customers laud Rackspace as a reliable service that they can trust regardless of the time of day. Many email hosting services offer quality performance and fast speeds, but their server uptime is a fraction of what it should be. Thus, during certain peak times, it’s likely you will experience difficulty sending or receiving emails.

Yet, emails can contain sensitive information. If we don’t’ receive an email or if one of your own messages doesn’t get through to a recipient fast enough, there might be negative consequences.

With Rackspace, you don’t have to worry about these unreliable speeds. All of their plans include a 100% uptime guarantee in addition to customer support all day every day.

This makes their services perfect for any small business with many new users. Many small businesses that just started need support constantly since so many unexpected problems come up. This doesn’t mean that problems often come up when using Rackspace, only that if something does arise, Rackspace will be there to help you no matter what.

Fasthosts – Email Hosting Service

Fasthosts – Email Hosting Service

Some people are on a budget and simply want the most effective yet cheapest email hosting service possible. If affordability is high on your agenda, then Fasthosts’ email hosting service might be ideal for you.

Their Standard plan costs $2.80 a month. It comes with 5 Mail Lite mailboxes and 2 Mail Extra mailboxes. The former offers 100MB of storage while the latter offers 2GB of storage. Additionally, the former offers a 10MB attachment size limit while the latter offers a 15MB attachment size limit.

This plan would be perfect for anyone who handles small email volumes and is mainly desk based, having no need for central storage. Essentially, by opting for the Standard plan, users get 7 mailboxes to use for a paltry £1.99 a month.

The main drawback to this Standard plan is the storage space available as well as the attachment size limit. The 5 Mail Lite mailboxes have hardly any space to store files in your inbox. This means you’ll have to be very organized about deleting emails once you’ve read them.

However, some users like to store many emails in their mailbox for future reference. These users might be better off going with Fasthosts’ Exchange Essentials plan, which offers 15GB of storage.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials – Email Hosting Service

Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials – Email Hosting Service

What’s great about Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials is that using this service gets you way more than just email hosting services.

Some of the companies on this list are focused solely on providing premium email hosting services. Microsoft of course does this, as their Business Essentials plan has a 150MB attachment size limit and offers 50GB of storage per user. Users can also select a custom email address.

Yet, Microsoft’s email hosting services also comes with their powerful productivity applications and 1TB of online storage via Microsoft OneDrive.

Microsoft’s Office 365 Business Premium package costs $12.50 per month and allows for a maximum of 300 users. This makes it perfect for any small business that also needs Office applications and could benefit from features like Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. The latter is group chat software that streamlines that process of communicating with other employees.  

BlueHost – Email Hosting Service

BlueHost – Email Hosting Service

For $2.95 a month, customers using BlueHost can get 5 email accounts with 100MB of storage per account.

BlueHost is mainly a web hosting company that specializes in helping you build your website. As part of their services, they also provide you with e-mail accounts, though this is not their primary specialty.

Customers that want the ability to create unlimited email accounts can opt for the Plus or Choice Plus plans. Both plans cost $5.95 a month and offer unlimited storage.

Many users choose BlueHost because they offer more comprehensive services than most other email hosting services. If you are interested in building a website and want a company with you every step of the way, then BlueHost would be ideal.

BlueHost also offers WordPress hosting services, which makes them ideal for bloggers.

Zoho – Email Hosting Service

Zoho – Email Hosting Service

Zoho is an e-mail hosting service based out of India.

Zoho offers three main plans, specifically the Zoho Standard plan, the Zoho Pro plan, and the Zoho Enterprise plan.

What’s really great about Zoho is that they offer a free plan that works for up to 25 users. This makes their service great for start-up companies with very little capital. Many of these startups would still benefit from a more professional email hosting service, yet don’t have the money to invest in a more expensive plan.

These businesses can opt for the free plan, which provides 5GB of storage per users, a 25MB attachment size limit, and webmail access only.

Businesses can always opt for this free plan and then upgrade later on. As the price of Zoho’s plans increases, users get more storage space, a large attachment size limit, and more control over privacy settings.

Amazon WorkMail – Email Hosting Service

Amazon WorkMail – Email Hosting Service

In addition to the million other industries that Amazon is involved in, they also dabble with email hosting services. Amazon WorkMail costs $4 per month and includes 50GB of storage.

Amazon WorkMail is one of the best email hosting services because it works seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange. This allows customers to use their existing log in credentials while simultaneously sharing information across both environments.

Many customers think this platform is familiar to use and easy to configure. Amazon WorkMail would be ideal if you are already heavily invested in Amazon’s services are accustomed to dealing with their interface. This would allow you to hit the ground running once you’ve added a domain name, which could lead to greater productivity.

Since Amazon WorkMail is a relatively new service offered by Amazon, some customers think that if feels incomplete. In this sense, some customers might benefit from waiting a bit longer for Amazon to finetune this service. There seems to be a lack of collaboration tools as well as limited control over security and privacy settings.  

Google G Suite – Email Hosting Service

Google G Suite – Email Hosting Service

G Suite is Google’s flagship email hosting service.

Users can choose between a Basic, Business or Enterprise plan. The Basic plan costs $5 per month while the Business plan costs $10 a moth. The Enterprise plan costs $25 per month.

The main con of Google’s service is that it’s incompatible with some emails and calendar invites coming from Microsoft servers. For example, when receiving calendar invites from a Microsoft Exchange server, many users report that there are formatting issues as well as some location errors. This could make your workflow less efficient.

Really, G Suite shines when it comes to privacy and security, as their spam-filtering features are unmatched in the industry.

G Suite is also known for its anti-phishing capabilities. This makes it one of the best email hosting services available, as many professional users don’t have time to deal with sketchy or fraudulent communications.  

Intermedia Exchange – Email Hosting Service

Intermedia Exchange – Email Hosting Service

Intermedia Exchange offers you unlimited storage as well as access to Microsoft Office applications.

Intermedia Exchange is one of the best email hosting services because they offer a fully guided setup, making their services ideal for companies with more than 500 employees.

Many customers claim that the user interface of Intermedia Exchange’s email control panel is very intuitive to use. They also offer free migration, as the company’s experts will move your data to their servers without any downtime.

GoDaddy – Email Hosting Service

GoDaddy – Email Hosting Service

Beyond having the best company name on this list, GoDaddy also offers a number of e-mail hosting options.

Their Business Premium plan is perhaps their most popular, costing $6.99 per month. This includes an email account with 50GB of storage as well as the full Microsoft Office suite. This entails not only all the classic productivity applications from Microsoft but also collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams.  

Out of the 3 plans that GoDaddy offers for e-mail hosting, the Business Premium plan is the only one that offers Microsoft Office.

If you don’t need 50GB of storage, then you can opt for the Email Essentials plan which has 5GB of storage. This plan only costs $1.99 per month and would be ideal if you already had Microsoft Office.

IF 5GB of storage is not quite enough but you still don’t want to invest in the Business Premium plan, then GoDaddy also offers an Email Plus plan with 50GB of storage. This plan costs $3.99 per month.

All of these plans offer the ability to create 400 different email aliases, all feeding into a single inbox.

IceWarp Cloud – Email Hosting Service

IceWarp Cloud – Email Hosting Service

IceWarp’s Standard plan for email hosting costs $3.50 per month and includes 50GB of storage.

They also offer a Professional plan that cost $7 per month and includes 200GB of storage space. This Professional plan also offers 24/7 customer service.

Many experts in the industry claim that the IceWarp’s interface is simple to use but still pales in comparison to the interfaces offered by other titans in the industry, like Microsoft and Google.

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Email Hosting Services

We think the market for email hosting services is oversaturated with options, making it difficult to make a choice.

Furthermore, most email hosting company’s offer several plans to choose from, each with one slightly different features.

We hope this article will act as a guide if you are just beginning your research on email hosting services. Ultimately, we think going with a company like Google or Microsoft is safest, as these companies have reliable servers with excellent security.

In this sense, we think G suite and Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials are the best email hosting services currently available.

By going with a lesser known e-mail hosting service, you might save some money in the short term. But, it’s not clear the level of support you will receive in the future. Many lesser known companies find it difficult to make a profit, leading to bankruptcy or a change in their business model.

Some individuals might benefit from experimenting with these lesser known email hosting services, especially if free trials or versions are available. Most businesses, however, need guaranteed support indefinitely. This translates to email hosting offered by a company that will surely be around in the future, like Google or Microsoft.

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