Technology has come far over the years, and an excellent example is in the form of voice recognition software. These developments have allowed computers, phones, and several other devices to listen to our voices, interpret the words, and then act on them. Aside from home assistants and mobile device commands, the help of voice recognition has another practical use.

Speech to text software is an excellent benefit for anyone that wants to record their ideas down in writing but doesn't have the time or means to transcribe everything by hand. While many mobile devices allow you to type text messages and more at the press of a button, specific computer programs work to convert even longer form speech into text—saving you time by increasing speed or allowing for multitasking.

While you won't have any issue in finding a speech to text software, it's a bit more of a challenge to locate one that's one of the best. You want and deserve a program that's accurate, intuitive to use, and worth the money you put into it—and our best speech to text software guide is here to ensure that you can find one that performs well while fitting your exact needs.

Top 9 Speech to Text Software

For us, providing you with accurate and honest reviews is our top priority, so that you can find the best possible product to meet your needs. We not only conduct in-depth product research, but we also check customer reviews to see how well our top products compare. Rest easy knowing that our list of the top picks for the best speech to text software is ready to help you as much as possible.

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The Dragon line of speech to text software options are some of the best choices out there, and it's easy to see why. The Dragon program operates with a ninety-nine percent accuracy when it comes to voice recognition, all but guaranteeing that you won't have to waste time combing over your transcript for errors. When you do want to edit and format, the included voice commands allow you to do so.

Aside from the base commands, Dragon Home also allows you to program in your customized options—not only for voice transcription but also for editing and other computer actions you may need to access. This flexibility helps extensively by allowing you to go near hands-free as you work, without requiring you to stay attached to your computer.

Dragon Home works on PC setups, and it's compatible with both Windows and Mac OS systems. Dragon Home also can work with text editors, emails, and more.

Important Features at a Glance:

  • Operates on PC (Windows and Mac)
  • Ninety-nine percent accuracy
  • Compatible with multiple programs
  • Easy voice-activated editing
  • Allows for custom commands

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If you want speech to text transcription less for dictating and more for putting existing audio files into text, then you may want to consider Temi. This tool allows you to input audio and video files to receive a transcript in many text formats, including Microsoft Word and PDF to name a few. If you need timestamps, Temi can also include these in your final document.

While the accuracy on this program falls between ninety and ninety-five percent, part of that depends on the quality of the audio you upload. This program is also less accurate at understanding accents than some others. However, you do receive your transcript back with a quick turnaround time, and the editing tool is very versatile when adjusting playback speed and time.

Rather than a complete software, Temi is more of a tool for submitting your audio or video files online, then receiving back your completed transcript through email, rather than directly providing a transcription your live voice input. Because of this, you can access it through any device that can load web pages and receive emails.

Important Features at a Glance:

  • Can access tool, so long as you can load web pages and receive emails
  • Ninety to ninety-five percent accuracy
  • Provides transcripts based on audio and video recordings
  • Provides timestamps of audio
  • Straightforward editing tools

If you own any Apple device, be it a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you already have a powerful voice to text program on your side. Apple Dictation is accessible automatically in these devices, and it comes free. If you have an iPhone 6s or newer, you will be able to activate Enhanced Dictation, which makes voice to text always possible; otherwise, you will need an internet connection to transcribe.

Apple Dictation has a ninety-nine perfect accuracy rate, and the program supports thirty-one different languages (with twenty of those able to receive Enhanced Dictation support). There are also various editing and formatting commands (which come with an included cheat sheet to learn off of) and even advanced controls for custom settings.

Because it is an Apple product, Apple Dictation is only available on the company's devices. It will work on any screen that allows you to access the keyboard or text editing, so long as you have Dictation enabled.

Important Features at a Glance:

  • Available by default on all Apple devices
  • Ninety-nine percent accuracy
  • Formatting, editing, and custom commands
  • Supports thirty-one languages by default
  • Enhanced dictation supports twenty languages and can transcribe while offline

If you need both real-time speech recognition and the ability to upload audio files, IBM will help you on both those fronts. Aside from being able to work with both these types of situations, IBM also can transcribe seven different languages. You also don't have to worry about low-quality audio impacting accuracy, as IBM can handle such cases as well.

Another feature that's helpful is IBM's ability to identify multiple speakers, which can help you with an interview, podcast, and other types of audio where you're not the only one speaking. You can also customize the program to recognize specific keywords, helping improve its accuracy—and the interface is intuitive, making it easy to learn.

The accuracy levels of this program almost match the word recognition rates of the human year. The software is available through the cloud, allowing for access through a variety of devices.

Important Features at a Glance:

  • Cloud-based compatibility
  • Accuracy near on par with human language comprehension
  • Can identify multiple speakers
  • Processes live audio and recordings
  • Customizable keywords and language settings.

Just as Apple has its voice recognition software at the ready so does Google. If you are a regular user of Google Docs or their other related programs like Sheets, this option will likely be for you. So long as you have access to Google Docs, have Google Chrome as your current browser, and a microphone at the ready, you can take advantage of this voice to text application.

Because you only need access to Google, this software does not cost anything. However, the flip side is that it only works within these confines, and you won't be able to use it with any other programs. However, the live connection to the internet provides you with high accuracy, and you can use your voice for typing, navigation, formatting, text selection, and editing.

So long as you have access to Google Docs, Chrome, and a decent microphone, you can use Google Docs Voice Typing from a variety of devices—including while you're on the go.

Important Features at a Glance:

  • Operable through Google Docs and Chrome
  • Live internet connection helps with voice translation
  • Has document navigation, text editing, text selection, and formatting commands
  • Works best with the use of a microphone


If you plan to use voice to text entirely on your mobile device and you don't mind needing to operate at a fast pace, then Gboard is an option. This mobile app is primarily a keyboard, but it also includes dictation options that you directly operate by pressing the spac bar. You won't be able to feed it any existing audio files, but it can handle your real-time text needs.

Gboard can dictate incredibly quickly, which is both a strength and a weakness. To keep the voice recognition going, you do need to speak rapidly; otherwise, Gboard will cut you off. This need for speed makes the accuracy around ninety-percent, making it more suited for jotting down quick ideas like short memos and text messages. It can support forty-seven languages.

Gboard is an app for both Android and Apple devices, and it requires an internet connection to operate.

Important Features at a Glance:

  • Apple and Android app that operates through an internet connection
  • Ninety-percent accuracy
  • Supports forty-seven languages
  • Can transcribe live audio
  • Dictates at high speeds

Another mobile app comes in the form of Braina's companion to its Pro software, and this one has a bit more flexibility than just taking down your texts. Through voice commands, you can not only transcribe audio, but also set reminders, search for files, read ebooks, and many other features for hands-free operation of your phone through voice recognition.

Though it's only a mobile app, Braina will still record and save audio for later editing, and it can also transcribe pre-recorded audio files. When you obtain the software, you'll also have access to updates, support, and customized commands. The program can recognize over one-hundred languages, and the interface is intuitive to use as well.

The Braina Pro software works on PC, and it has an app that works on both Apple and Android-enabled devices.

Important Features at a Glance:

  • Works on PC with an Apple and Android compatible app
  • Supports over one-hundred languages
  • Handles both live audio and pre-recorded files
  • Customizable command features
  • Premium customer support.

Similar to how Apple devices come with the company's Diction program, Windows devices that run Windows 7 or any later OS can access the free tool, Windows Speech recognition. With this program, you get both speech to text capabilities, as well as multiple other commands that use voice input for activities you'd usually need a mouse to utilize.

Overall, this program is accurate in its dictation, but it also works best when you have a headset and microphone connected to provide clear audio. So long as you have the program turned on, you can use it across various programs, which can be an excellent benefit for those looking to use speech to text for multiple applications.

As a Windows-related product, this program only works on devices that have Windows 7 and above enabled.

Important Features at a Glance:

  • Operates on Windows 7 devices and above
  • Can function with multiple applications
  • Performs various mouse-based commands
  • Best accuracy results come through the use of a mic
  • Free to use for Windows users

Another mobile app that you can have on your side is the ListNote Application. It works in tandem with Android phone's notepad functionality, and it takes advantage of Google Voice search to read words—giving it access to forty-seven languages. Not only does it dictate with ninety-seven percent accuracy, but it also keeps recordings of your audio for you to access later.

To help organize your notes, ListNote allows you to use categories and color-coding to build a system that works best for you. All recordings are searchable, and you can share them through a variety of apps, including text and email. You can also customize the length of time it takes for the voice recognition to turn off through the "Time to Breathe" feature. Backup and encryption are also available.

The ListNote app is only available for Android supported devices.

Important Features at a Glance:

  • Android application
  • Ninety-seven percent accuracy
  • Records audio and provides text
  • Allows for customizable notes that you can share through multiple apps
  • "Time to Breathe" feature for custom recording timing

Things to Consider When Looking for Speech to Text Software

If you're using our best speech to text software guide, you'll have no issue finding a program that operates well and straightforwardly. Even so, you may want to ensure that you're an informed shopper and do a little extra groundwork on your part. So you know what you're looking for, here are some essential factors in selecting a program that fits your needs.


Without a doubt, the accuracy of voice recognition is the essential part of a speech to text program; without it, it doesn't matter what else the program can do. The tricky part about language is that there are almost as many ways to speak it as there are people, and you don't want to waste time on editing just because the program misunderstood you.

Aside from just the overall accuracy of a program, selecting one that allows you to input a voice sample to understand how you speak that will help your software learn how to recognize you. Ones that will enable you to save multiple voice profiles help if several people plan to use the same software.

Editing Ability

Though you don't want to waste time editing a document because it's inaccurate, you still wish to be able to make adjustments and format easily. If you need to perform complex arrangements or navigate multiple programs, ensure that your speech to text software can handle those types of actions smoothly, to provide convenience and reduce frustration.

Customizable Commands

Customizing technology to make your use easier is a vital part of any good program or device. Quality speech to text programs will do more than operate on their preset commands; instead, they'll allow you to add, edit, and delete the controls available to enhance your experience. This capability can be especially convenient if you are switching to a new software but already know the previous commands.


Depending on how you plan to use your voice to text software, you'll need to ensure its compatibility with not only your device but also the programs you plan to use along with it. To start, you should focus on a program that will work with your device, be it Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or mobile devices.

Once you've ensured that the program will function on your device, you should check that it will work on the applications you want to have it transcribe your speech into as well. Most programs will work with widespread applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe, but it's always best to check first. Even if you only plan to use one program, broader compatibility can help if you want to expend your speech to text use.

Additional Equipment

For best accuracy with a voice to text software, you may need to have some type of microphone at the ready (smartphones and Bluetooth devices are common equipment choices). To ensure that you'll be able to get the most from your software out of the gate, confirm if you need any equipment and what it is before you make your final purchase.

Wrapping Up

Voice to text can be an incredibly convenient feature, so long as you have the right software on your side to provide you with accurate results and helpful functions. Depending on your needs, your best speech to text program may be different from someone else's, but take solace in the fact that you have a multitude of choices available to you—ready to bring your voice into the realm of the written word!

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