Cloud computing is evolving at an incredibly fast pace. However, as easily accessible as data is in today’s world, security is an ever-present concern.

Sharing data is great – but putting information to the Cloud can put your files at risk from attackers or outside sources. Luckily, there are many companies out there that go the extra mile to limit such Cloud privacy issues.


Keeping Track of Your Data

There are many factors you need to be aware of while comparing data privacy in Cloud computing.

This process is not simply about choosing one or two different companies and pitting them against each other. It is about understanding all the boxes that need to be checked in order to best protect your files, folders, and general information.

When looking for good security there are several aspects you want to pay attention to and it’s important to do a cloud storage privacy comparison.

The first is where your data is going to be stored. Every service has different servers placed in different locations. While features like intrusion detection and firewalls can keep out many would-be attackers, it is important to know what happens to your data if you ever end your service or if something happens to the company storing it.


Extra Security Measures

Something else to take a look at while browsing through potential systems is how seriously a company takes security.

That may sound obvious while paying attention to privacy, but you always want to look at the different security measures a program or system offers. This can make choosing much easier and quickly narrow down potential options.

Going off of the above section, if you know the server and data center your information is being stored at you can then analyze the various security measures that are in place there. Even if you don’t know that information, every Cloud storage company has a list of the ways they work to protect data.

Always check for important features like firewalls, antivirus, and intrusion detection. Some companies will offer one or a few options, while others will give you everything. The more features, the better they will keep your data safe.


Encryption and Disaster Recovery

One of the most important parts of protecting your data is encryption. Though nearly all storage brands offer encryption, not all of those measures are created equally. Some encryption measures are fantastic and ward off any outsiders trying to access your data, while others only cover the basics.

When comparing two or more companies, you always want to check encryption methods against each other. If a brand uses encryption that reaches the provider’s cloud, it often means that service is less expensive and less secure than options that encrypt the data before sending it to the cloud.

Also pay attention to who stores the encryption keys. The more keys that are out there, the more vulnerable your data is. For that reason, trend to companies that have less.

Another key factor in choosing the correct Cloud service is going with ones that have good disaster recovery.

While it is easy to assume the Cloud itself works as such recovery, that is rarely the case. If your data is only kept on the Cloud with no offline backup then it is easy to lose everything if something goes wrong. Be sure that vendors store your files in various ways or on various servers.


The Importance of Research and Testing

There are many security and privacy challenges in Cloud computing environments, and that means you always need to be diligent when comparing different programs. Asking friends, family, and clients for references is a great way to know what you want. However, nothing beats doing your own research.

Going out and asking questions is the best way to know exactly how a Cloud service will protect your data. You never want to assume anything, and you never want to take companies at face value. Going into a system and knowing exactly how it works is a great way to understand just how safe your information will be.

In addition, you can also test different systems to see how well they work. Of course, you will never be as skilled as a competent hacker, but that’s the point. See if you can find a way to access your data. If you can, chances are it would be easy to for anyone with a little more skill.


Cloud Storage Privacy Comparison – Making Sure Your Data Stays Safe

There is a lot of pressure on both security and privacy in Cloud computing, and for good reason.

Never just settle for the first program you find – you need to do a cloud storage privacy comparison. Do your research, test the system, and be sure to know exactly how the company plans to store your data.

There always risks when sending information to the internet. However, as long as you take the time to compare privacy and security features, you should be fine.

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