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DashLane Review [2019]

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Are you looking for a secure application that’ll make managing all of your passwords a breeze? The DashLane password management application may be just the thing you’re looking for. Besides being a high-end password manager, it is also a digital wallet.

With DashLane you’ll not only find managing your passwords to be easy, but you’ll also gain several perks such as professional VPN service, identity theft protection (and insurance), and real-time credit monitoring. Continue on with our DashLane review for all the juicy details

What Is DashLane and How Does It Work?

DashLane is a powerful cross-platform application that doubles as a password manager and digital wallet. The app is currently available for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices that run on iOS and Android operating systems.

The application is available as a free or premium version. For free users, many of the best features, such as data syncing options, are disabled after the first month. Premium users have the choice of having their data stored on DashLane servers or the memory of their personal devices.

Alexis Fogel, Jean Guillou, Guillaume Maron, and ex CEO of Business Objects Bernard Liautaud created the  DashLane password managing application. The company’s headquarters is currently located in New York City. Venture funding in amounts exceeding $52.5 million has been received by DashLane from Bessemer Venture Partners, FirstMark Capital, Rho Ventures, TransUnion, and Bernard Liatuad himself.

The app’s main function is protecting user’ passwords, which it accomplishes by storing them locally via AES-256 encryption. These passwords are then accessible only by a unique master password that’s never shared, period.

Also, as mentioned above, the app comes with a fully developed and secure digital wallet. The wallet feature includes options for storing credit card, debit, bank, and unique identification information. It also can instantly and fill in said pieces of information during online shopping check-outs, and bill paying experiences.

Other significant features of the DashLane application are automatic password generation, password changing, and a fully integrated security dashboard chuck full of security measures including real-time security breach alerts.

What Makes DashLane Unique?

DashLane makes shopping and online bill paying seamless and easy to accomplish. Even more, it adds zero extra clutter, or lag, to your online experiences. Just store your password with DashLane once, and every return visit will see you quickly and automatically logged in.

Furthermore, once you’ve keyed in your necessary information, each new account you open in the future, on any website, will be auto-filled with your saved credentials. DashLane also can generate and assign strong passwords to your new accounts as well.

Also, DashLane allows you to categorize your list of passwords, and additional sensitive information, in any way that you choose. That said, whenever DashLane would like to automatically fill in the information, or create passwords, on your behalf, a little blue impala icon will appear in the text field alerting you of this option. In the case that you have more than one set of information stored with DashLane, you can click on the blue Impala and select the desired set of info from a sleek dropdown menu.

Another compelling yet straightforward aspect of DashLane that separates the app from other password protection and management applications is the fact that it uses AES-256 type encryption with all of your information when saving it to your database. There is also the option of enabling Google Authenticator for an added blanket of security if you are the extra-paranoid sort.

Last but not least, DashLane is one of the only trusted password protection apps that work with Dark Web information as well. The app uses data licensed directly from SpyCloud when it checks your email addresses and more. Also, it never shares your personal information with SpyCloud.



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DashLane comes in both freemium and premium versions. However, the main drawback to the free version is that users are limited to using the app on only one device. That means with the freemium version there is no ability to sync information from your computer to your phone or other mobile devices.

Another significant difference between the free and paid versions of DashLane is that the freemium now has a limit of only 50 passwords. That said if you started using the app before version 6 was released this limit will not apply to you. There is also an emergency backup for those using the newer free editions of DashLane, something the older versions lack.

Currently, DashLane premium costs $5 per month which rings up to a total of $60 per year. That may seem a bit high for a password management application. However, DashLane isn’t a simple password management system, it also includes a digital wallet, premium VPN protection, and acts as a sort of credit monitor as well.

If you were to pay for a virtual wallet service, a pro VPN protection plan, and a credit monitor, you would pay double, triple, even quadruple the price of DashLane premium.

Also, DashLane has recently released another version: the DashLane Premium Plus plan. With this supped up version you get full access to credit monitoring and real-time alerts as well as pro-quality VPN usage on up to five devices. The cost for the Premium Plus plan is $120 charged annually.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the new Dashlane Premium Plus plan also comes with restorative support in the case that you do happen to be the victim of identity theft while using DashLane Premium Plus. Also, it comes with a whopping $1 million worth of identity theft insurance.

Public Perception of DashLane

With availability as a freemium, DashLane is held in high regards by the general public. The application has been around for nearly a decade now and has done well in establishing itself as highly trustworthy.

As of 2018, the DashLane password management application has accumulated well over 10 million users. That said, Emmanuel Schalit, DashLane’s CEO, received global recognition in the world of things tech by tattooing himself when the company first reach 1 million users back in 2014. Last year, in 2018, Schalit added another piece of ink to himself in celebration of the company reaching 10 million users.

To further their good graces within the eyes of the public, the company began publishing a Security Roundup analyzing the various password security policies of many famous and successful websites. The roundup was published quarterly beginning in 2014.

Among DashLane’s excellent features, the following are some of the benefits that seem too impressive users the most.

Badge-based point system

The more secure your passwords, identity information, and credit remain, the more points you are awarded. Freemium, Premium and Premium Plus plan users are all offered badge-based points that accumulate in this manner and are redeemable for even more great features.

Spending tracking

tracking internet speed

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Tracking all of your internet-based spending has never been easier All online purchases and bill paying are automatically recorded with snapshot-style receipts. That way you never forget where your money went.

AES-256 encryption

One of the most beloved features of DashLane is the fact that it relies on AES-256 encryption. That means all of your information is virtually impossible for others to decrypt even if they do somehow get their hands on it.

Secure digital wallet

Aside from being one of the most powerful password managing systems in existence, DashLane also includes a super-secure digital wallet. This makes online spending even easier.

Free premium VPN services

Another impressive benefit of DashLane is the free premium VPN service that comes along with the premium versions. You can use this service on up to five devices.

Multiple browser extensions

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As of now, DashLane has an extension for just about every major web-based browser there is. The only browser that DashLane lacks real support for is older versions of Internet Explorer.

Gorgeous user interface

Last but not least, the unique user interface developed by DashLane for their application is the most beautiful of its kind. It is also super easy to learn, and anyone can master it in no time at all.

How It Compares

In comparison to other password management applications currently on the market, DashLane is indeed a gem. Two of the main things that caught our eye when comparing DashLane to similar apps were its extremely user-friendly interface and the option to store your data locally or to enable cloud syncing.

Another largely significant advantage we found that DashLane had over basic password management systems and applications is that it allows you to sync all of your passwords, credit, banking, and identification information from Windows to Mac, iOS, and Android.

Additionally, the app also includes VPN protection, something that is nearly unheard of in the world of password management applications. Other significant benefits of DashLane that other password management systems are lacking are that it also scans the Dark Wek for breached accounts as well as automatically saving all of your online bill paying records and shopping receipts.

However, we did find a couple of drawbacks to DashLane as well. For example, the application doesn’t have any particular sort of handling setup for nonstandard logins to websites and comes with minimal support for Internet Explorer. Even more, if using the Premium Plus plan, which comes with free pro VPN service, you don’t have the option to choose a specific VPN server country.

Aside from those few drawbacks, and the fact that it’s pretty expensive in comparison to other similar premium apps, DashLane seems to be genuinely leagues above most password managing apps.

To be entirely fair, LastPass, Keeper, Sticky, and LogMeOnce all offer many of the same features as DashLane and have premium versions that cost considerably less per year. However, they don’t come with nearly as many benefits either.

What We Think About DashLane

What we discovered during our DashLane review is that it’s one of the most secure, not to mention impressive, password management applications currently available on the market. It comes with a sleek interface designed in a way that nearly anyone can master in no time and is available for cross-platform usage. Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS users will be hard put to find its equal.

However, to use the DashLane password managing application, especially as a paying subscriber to the service, requires more than a bit of trust seeing as your information is often stored and synced with the companies cloud. That said, the company has gone far and above to establish themselves as incredibly trustworthy and reliable.

As a freemium, DashLane is far more potent than comparable applications. The Premium and Premium Plus plans are even more impressive than similar password managing applications as well. With VPN service for multiple devices, identity theft protection, and a large amount of identity theft insurance, DashLane is truly hard to compete with.

DashLane password manager puts other password applications to shame. With DashLane, your passwords will not just be managed, they will be protected, monitored, and automatically generated when they need to be changed. Your credit will also be monitored and so much more.

Despite being on the expensive side, for those who aren’t the most technologically advanced individuals, there is probably no better password manager available. Furthermore, even for those who are more experienced with tech-related stuff, DashLane is a fantastic application with many more options than your average password protection and managing apps.

Our DashLane review final verdict? The DashLane password management application is one of the most versatile password apps on the market and offers far more than just basic password management.

Coupons and Deals

As with most digital goods and services these days, there are several coupons and deals for DashLane if you know where to look. Currently, you can save up to 25 percent off of DashLane premium password protection with coupon codes from Groupon, and Techbargains.

Offer, Couonchief, and Coupify also have dozens more current coupon codes and offers for additional savings on the DashLane password manager.

Also, you and a friend can now receive $20 worth of free premium when you sign up directly through the DashLane password management application or their main website.

So, what are you waiting for? Download and install the DashLane password management app today and give it a try! After all, it is free. If you aren’t impressed, you can just uninstall it and never pay a single penny.

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