The IBM Cloud is one of the best ways for businesses, both large and small, to solve problems and enhance their storage. The system is a collection of premium technologies and services that all work together to help consumers better assess their cloud readiness and identify how they can best move into a cloud-based environment.

IBM Cloud storage offers a ton of options that cover a range of different needs. While many traditional Cloud systems focus on protecting one type of data, IBM goes far beyond that by covering personal data, data outside your firewall, as well as any data that is coming in.


IBM Cloud Storage: General Features

There are many reasons to choose IBM. The first is that they have a global reach. The company employs cloud storage in key locations around the world to achieve the highest performance possible. In addition, that placement meets any data-sovereignty requirements by keeping data close to both users and applications.

Another bonus of using IBM Cloud Storage is great scalability. Being able to move your storage up or down on demand is a great feature. Not only can you freely change between terabytes to petabytes or beyond, such shifts come with nearly no interruption to your service.

IBM is also incredibly flexible with their Cloud service, giving you the chance to choose between various storage technologies. Though these will be covered more in-depth later on, there is no doubt that more options are always a good thing. Whatever you need for your workload, each choice comes with the dependability IBM is known for.

The final general reason to choose IBM is that it is incredibly easy to use. Technology can be overwhelming at times, but with the IBM Cloud you can quickly deploy or manage different storage capabilities from a web-based graphical user interface, a web portal, or APIs.


IBM Storage Cloud – The Best Option Around

IBM’s Cloud system is specially tailored to the consumer in a way that equips businesses for a competitive market.

When choosing the IBM Cloud it does not matter if you want stand-alone or secondary storage. It also does not matter if you need a unique storage solution or the components to create your own. Whatever you need, IBM gives you the resources to make it happen.

Here, you get access to IBM Cloud object storage, block storage, file storage, and mass storage. With so many choices available you can easily organize, store, manage, and access any file type you can imagine. That includes audio files, emails, images, office documents, and video. From there, you can freely choose between various pricing options to make sure you get the exact capacity for you.

Those features give you control, and they are complemented by iSCI-based block storage that offers an incredibly 12TB of capacity. That space is not just handy, it also helps you customize the environment to fit your workload. For example, you can either get Endurance block storage with snapshot and replication capabilities or you can go with Performance block storage. The choice is up to you.

There is also the option to use a high-performance, feature-rich NFS-based solution or to build your own SAN or NAS. Each of those options further show the different choices IBM Storage Cloud gives you and reinforces the fact that you can always choose what you want.


Problem Solving and Advanced Security

Another great benefit of the IBM Cloud is that you can use it to solve real-world problems in a practical way. That works on two fronts. One, you can consistently exceed customer expectations, and two, you can make your employees more valuable by extracting more meaning from data.

If you want, when using IBM Cloud Storage – you can also choose the Private Cloud to experience the power of the Cloud behind a firewall. This option allows you all of the advantages of the Public Cloud but behind a firewall for better performance and protection.

Building off of that, when partnering with IBM you gain access to both their stellar Cloud security services as well as their security team that serves over 12,000 customers across 133 countries. The company has over 3,500 security patents, and they put them into use at all times.

It is not just about efficiency, it is about working to reduce risk as well.


IBM Cloud Services – A Way to Better Your Business

There are many IBM Cloud services out there, and they all help to create a better, more streamlined storage system for your world.

Not only is IBM Cloud Storage pricing fair and balanced, but there are a ton of ways to use the system. Everything here makes your life easier, and you can always choose or switch to different options depending on what you need.

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