The Cloud is an incredible way to share and store information. However, though everyone has their own reasons for using the technology, one of the best is protecting data.

Storing everything online or through different servers enables information to be kept safe should anything happen to your device.

To further explore that, this guide will go over various backup and recovery options that reveal how the Cloud keeps your information safe at all times.


The Cloud over Other Recovery Methods

There are several ways to protect your data, but none of them are as effective as the Cloud.

Many people choose to use thumb or flash drives to keep their files safe. That makes sense because the small devices are easy to transport, simple to use, and work with most computers. However, they also have certain flaws.

While their size makes them great for small files or folders, flash drives cannot go far beyond that. They are also quite dense, which means they are not able to store or transport large amounts of data.

In addition, as they are so small, they can also be easy to lose. If all you have is a flash drive and it gets misplaced, your device is suddenly not backed up.

That is also the problem with using external hard drives. While those machines come with more space than flash drives, they are susceptible to malfunctions and real-life issues like fires or theft.

In contrast, the Cloud offers you gigantic amounts of storage that cannot get lost or misplaced. You can store as much or as little as you want.

Sometimes you just want to back up a few files, while other times you want to put an entire backup hard drive to the Cloud. The storage system gives you the freedom to choose or change your mind as much as you want.

It is also important to note that, as efficient as the Cloud is at storing files, there are special external hard drives that give you the best of both worlds. For instance, Crashplan offers the best external hard drive with Cloud backup and recovery on the market, enabling you to have both physical and digital copies of your data.


Benefits of Cloud Backup and Recovery

Cloud backup, which can also be called online backup, simply takes your information and sends a copy of it to an off-site server. From there, a third-party service provider will store the data for you. That then means your information will always be protected no matter what happens to your physical electronic device.

While using hard drive Cloud storage may seem intimidating, it is a breeze to both set up and maintain. You simply create an account through whatever company you choose to use, download the necessary software, and sign in. From there, you can freely move or copy any files or folders you want to store.

In addition, the Cloud also comes with a range of extra features not seen with more traditional backup options. For instance, files are encrypted to stop anyone from reading or stealing them, and they are usually spread out across numerous systems.

Unlike using a flash drive or external hard drive, your eggs are not all in one basket here. They are spread around, giving you extra relief knowing that you will stay protected even if multiple things go wrong. It is not just about security, it is about peace of mind.

All Your Information at the Touch of a Button

Of course, the other important part of Cloud backup is knowing you will always be able to easily access or recover your data at a moment’s notice. Should something go wrong with your system you simply need to visit your Cloud program and retrieve or re-download the lost files.

For example, to recover old iCloud backups you simply need to go to “Settings,” then “General” then to “Software Update.” From there, check if you have a recent backup to restore from by looking at “Settings,” [your name], “iCloud”, “Storage”, and “Manage Storage”. Once you hit the last screen, you tap the device to view the date and size of your most recent backups. Download whatever you need.

That is just one program, but those steps reveal how easy it is to get your data off of the Cloud.


Keeping Your Files Safe and Sound with Cloud Backup and Recovery

You have many ways to back up your computer, but, as noted above, nothing quite compares to the functionality and protection offered by the Cloud.

When you move a backup hard drive to the Cloud, you are ensuring your information will be as protected and as accessible as possible. With so many affordable programs on the market, there is no reason to keep your data anywhere else.

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