There are many ways to use the cloud in today’s technological world, which means there are many ways to back up and store data.

Though the market seems to be flooded with various Cloud based storage options, some are much better than others.

In this guide we will cover the top 3 cloud based storage options and explain why you should choose them above all others.


Cloud Based Storage Options – Choosing the Right One for You

Choosing a cloud based storage system is not an easy process. Though many work well, they all offer different benefits and packages. You can’t go wrong with any of the following choices. However, it is important to note that one may be better for your personal life.


1. ElephantDrive

The first option on our list is ElephantDrive, a system that takes your files and makes them accessible across every platform.

This brand uses an “Everywhere” folder that automatically syncs up to all of your devices. That means you can start working from one device and pick up on another at a different place or completely different time.

In addition, ElephantDrive also helps you restore older versions and gives you a way to recover deleted files. By restoring old versions, you can go back in time and find any previous editions of a file whenever you need.

Not only that, but the company’s Archive Control feature keeps all copies of locally deleted files and folders in one place for easy access later on.

Other great benefits of ElephantDrive are its mobile access and how easy it is to share files through links. The mobile access feature helps you use files no matter where you are, while sharing folders through links means you never have to worry about sending multiple emails or trying to share important data through thumb drives. One URL link is all you need.

All of those features, combined with the ability to easily share folders, makes ElephantDrive one of the best backup services on the market. They have great dependability, a secure system (encrypted with AES-256-bit encryption) and a direct backup guarantee.


2. Nextcloud

Another great cloud-based storage option is Nextcloud. This brand is similar to ElephantDrive, but differs in a few key ways. They also offer great dependability and a sound system.

However, their focus is on creating harmony by bringing different workers together.

Nextcloud servers are about three things: control, community, and productivity.

They work hard for companies to increase protection and control of data within a system. They then increase communication by making that data easily accessible for all people in the company.

This is not just streamlined data, it is all data across various platforms. That means anyone who uses the system can freely share information and collaborate to the best of their abilities.

Those two aspects combine to generate a great communication without any lockins or paywalls. If you want an easy way to share information throughout your company, this is the service for you.


3. Memopal

Next up we have Memopal. This free software is lightweight, fast, and easily accessible for anyone with a mobile or desktop operating system.

With Memopal you can choose exactly what you need to store and then immediately back it up. They can store all file types, ranging from documents, individual folders, and entire systems.

Their storage is secure, and it works with all different devices. That wide reach means you can install Memopal on your desktop, tablet, or phone with no issues. In that way, you never have to worry about losing files if your devices break down or get stolen.

The Memopal Global File System is one of the best storage technologies on the market and is used by some of the largest telecommunication and IT companies on Earth.

This choice enables anyone to easily and quickly sync their data. You simply need to upload the files you want to the special Memopal Sync. From there, you can easily share folders with any of the connected devices. Of course, if something ever gets accidentally deleted you can easily retrieve it as well.

Another bonus of the system is that it is simple to use. Memopal turns on when your computer does and then runs in the background without slowing down your device. There are no hoops or complicated steps.


A Better Way to Store Data

Each of the three above options brings something unique to cloud based storage. While you have a few other solid choices you cannot go wrong with any system laid out in this guide.

Cloud based storage is a great way for both companies and individuals to always ensure their data stays safe. We live in a technological age.

Rather than depending on a cord-based device to hold your information, you should connect to larger servers.

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