Cloud storage is an incredibly useful tool that brings both security and extra space to millions of people in today’s world. However, as there are many ways to get Cloud Storage, not all such options are made the same.

There are many providers on the market, and they all offer something different. The following sections will cover some of the best Cloud storage providers and explain what contributes to their popularity.


Extra Space, Good Security, and an Affordable Cost

When looking at Cloud storage providers, there are several key aspects you need to focus on. All Cloud service providers offer online storage space, but they do so in different ways.

You want a package that is going to protect your data and give you extra features without costing an arm and a leg. The following five options hit all of those checkmarks and then some.


1. Dropbox

Our list starts with Dropbox, one of the oldest and most reliable data storage systems around. The company, which is known for its dependability, gives you a free 2GB of storage when you sign up for the service. While that is plenty for basic file sharing purposes, if you want more you can easily expand.

Linking your Dropbox to social media and referring friends to the service will get you a free 16GB. You can also buy more space for a low price.

The business subscription package enables you and others to work on the same account and gives everyone using the box unlimited space. That also comes with enhanced file recovery in case something accidentally gets deleted.


2. iCloud

Right behind Dropbox is iCloud. Apple’s storage service comes with a free 5GB that anyone with an iOS device (iPod, iPhone, iPad) can easily take advantage. There are several upgrades for this service, ranging from 50GB to 2TB, and they all come at an extremely reasonable price.

Another bonus of this choice is that, while it integrates with all of Apple’s different devices, it can be used on Window’s computers as well. Automatic backup is always handy – and set up is as easy as a few clicks.


2. Google Drive

Next on this list is Google Drive, which is perhaps the most easily accessible Cloud service on Earth. This is a great choice for all Android users because of the natural integration, but it can be used by anyone who actively or regularly uses Google Chrome.

This platform is one of the best ways to store your files in one place.

Though it can be tricky to use on mobile, both Windows and Mac users can download the Google Drive desktop app to streamline the system. From there, you simply drag and drop in any files you want to backup. As with the iCloud, this comes at an extremely reasonable price.


4. Mega

While not as well-known as the above three choices, Mega is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a little extra security with their Cloud-based service.

This brand offers an incredibly smooth user interface that comes with built-in data encryption. Everything is protected on your device before it even gets to the firm’s servers. That makes it one of the best Cloud storage providers for business.

Another bonus of Mega is that it is one of the best free Cloud storage providers on the market.

Anyone signed up for the New Zealand-based service will get 50GB at no change. You can then upgrade that to 200GB for just $5 a month. In addition, the sync client is open source and the simple drag-and-drop interface ensures that everyone can use Mega as much as they need.


5. NextCloud

Rounding out our list is NextCloud. While not technically an online Cloud Storage Provider, the system offers free software that enables you to download and install a Cloud storage service onto your own server.

That not only improves speed, but it also enhances your security by making sure your information never leaves your home network.

You also do not need advanced tech knowledge to use NextCloud. The service gives you the option of purchasing a preconfigured NextCloud Box directly from the website. That comes with a 1TB hard drive and ensure that anyone can access the companies features regardless of their background.


Getting the Most from the Cloud

The market is saturated with Cloud storage providers, and that can make choosing where to back up your data quite difficult. However, the above five options all offer an incredible mix of traits, ease, and dependability.

Though you will be happy with whatever you decide to use, know that they all offer slightly different packages.

Do your research and figure out which one best fits your life. If you want to expand your space or make sure your important files are properly backed up, these are the five providers to look at.

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