Are you searching for a Zoolz review, to see if this cloud backup service might be for you or your business?

You may be confused as to what the difference is between Zoolz Cloud and BigMIND, and which service you should look into more.

In this Zoolz review, we will go over what Zoolz Cloud is, along with its sister product BigMIND, and whether it is a good value.

What Is Zoolz Cloud and How Does It Work?

Backing up your data and files to the cloud, whether you are an individual or a business, is more than just a good idea.

Having a backup strategy and secure implementation can be critical for keeping continuity with your business. At its worst, a catastrophic loss of data could completely destroy your company, especially if it is a small business that is trying to grow.

If you are an individual, having your files backed up can save you a lot of grief. You do not want to lose your precious family photos or tax receipts.

The Zoolz Cloud backup service is designed to help keep your data and files backed up in a secure manner.

Before we continue, however, we should clarify some confusion about the Zoolz name and its product offerings.

The Transition from Zoolz to the BigMIND Brand

zoolz rebranded to bigmind

Zoolz used to market the “Zoolz Intelligent Cloud.” But Zoolz is now BigMIND.

It’s a little unclear exactly when these changes took place, and whether the products were just renamed or relaunched.

You can’t find any mention of a name on their Zoolz Intelligent Cloud Twitter account at @zoolzcloud. However, it appears that sometime in 2018, Zoolz Intelligent Cloud was rebranded to become BigMIND Cloud Backup.

It also appears that the company name is being changed from Zoolz to BigMIND. As of this writing, the website logo says “BigMIND By Zoolz.”

“BigMIND By Zoolz” still offers a “Zoolz Cloud Backup,” labeled a “conventional” cloud backup service. Zoolz Cloud Backup is offered in addition to the BigMIND Cloud Backup, which apparently replaces Zoolz Intelligent Cloud Backup.

Now, there is a difference between these two offerings (Zoolz Cloud Backup and BigMIND Cloud Backup), which we will clarify with more details below. But first, let us look at how this name change might impact the Zoolz Cloud Backup service.

The Future of the Zoolz Cloud Backup Service

It would appear, if we were to read the writing on the wall, that the company is moving towards a complete and total transition to their new BigMIND brand.

Therefore, we would expect that eventually the Zoolz Cloud Backup service will be either rebranded under the BigMIND name, or it will be discontinued.

When that happens, it is likely that existing subscribers will have their accounts upgraded or transferred to the BigMIND Cloud Backup service.

When or how this future transition might happen will depend on the company’s immediate or long-term plans. Therefore, if you are concerned about the long-term viability of a Zoolz Cloud Backup account, you should contact the company before purchasing.

And, it is entirely possible that by the time you read this, the Zoolz Cloud Backup service will have already become defunct or transitioned into a new BigMIND brand name product.

Still, you should know that the Zoolz Cloud Backup offers “lifetime backup” as one of its features. Unless the company goes under entirely, it is highly unlikely they will be shutting off your Zoolz Cloud Backup service entirely.

More likely, they will keep your account as a grandfathered account or transition the account and files to whatever newer service is considered equivalent.

Most likely, however, they will stop selling Zoolz Cloud Backup to new customers to focus entirely on the BigMIND Cloud Backup product.

For these reasons, we will be covering the new BigMIND Cloud Backup service in addition to Zoolz Cloud backup in this Zoolz review.

An Overview of Zoolz and BigMIND Cloud Backup Services

OK, so let us get down to brass tacks, finally!

If you are looking for a cloud backup service, especially for your small, medium, or large business, then BigMIND By Zoolz has two main options for you:

  • Zoolz Cloud Backup
  • BigMIND Cloud Backup

As we have already explained, the Zoolz Cloud Backup is part of their older brand and is, therefore, more of an older technology.

The main difference between the “conventional” Zoolz Cloud Backup offering and BigMIND Cloud Backup (formerly Zoolz Intelligent Cloud) is that BigMIND utilizes artificial intelligence (A.I.).

Both of these services will back up your files and data to secure cloud services. Both of these services offer desktop software and mobile apps to manage your backups. Both of these services are robust enough for enterprise-level needs.

There are some differences between Zoolz Cloud Backup and BigMIND Cloud Backup, which we will go over in the next section.

What Makes Zoolz Cloud and BigMIND Unique


The addition of artificial intelligence to the BigMIND Cloud Backup service is the obvious difference between this service and your standard, run of the mill cloud backup offering.

But even the Zoolz Cloud Backup offers some unique technology of its own, called the “Tribrid Backup” setup.

Here is an overview of what each cloud backup service offers:

Zoolz Cloud Backup

Zoolz is marketed as “the world’s first Tribrid Backup.”

What exactly is a Tribrid Backup? Well, the word “tribrid” is a play on the word “hybrid.” Combined with “tri,” the tri-hybrid services have three storage types:

  • Local storage
  • Instant storage
  • Cold storage

Local storage is any sort of file or folder that is stored on your local hard drive or device.

Instant storage is any storage in the cloud (in this case, hosted on Amazon S3) that need to be accessed “on demand.” This is also known as “hot storage.”

Cold storage is for any large files or repositories of data that do not need to be accessed on a regular basis but need to be maintained over the long term.

The idea behind cold storage is that it can significantly save money for companies that need to keep copies of old electronic records for long periods of time.

BigMIND Cloud Backup aka BigMIND Business

You can use BigMIND Cloud Backup even if you are just an individual, but it is primarily targeted at businesses. While it offers Tribrid instant (aka “hot”) storage and cloud storage just like Zoolz Cloud Backup, it also offers artificial intelligence (AI).

The artificial intelligence built into BigMIND Business is designed to help with in-depth searching, optical character recognition, facial recognition, object detection, AI description, Alexa coordination, and transcribing.


Here are the pricing options for the two cloud backup services offered by BigMIND By Zoolz. Remember, these prices are only current for the time that this article was originally published.

By the time you read this Zoolz review, the prices may have been changed. Check the BigMIND website for the latest prices.

Zoolz Cloud Backup Pricing

Zoolz Cloud Backup does not have a free account option like BigMIND Cloud Backup does. All of the online backup options are paid yearly. There are three main options:

1 TB Plan – $360 per year

2 TB Plan – $720 per year

10 TB Plan – $3,060 per year

20 TB Plan – $5,760 per year

BigMIND Cloud Backup Pricing

You can get very affordable plans with BigMIND Business Cloud Backup:

FREE Plan – 100 Percent Free

Starter Plan – $19.95 per month

Business Plan – Flexible Pricing

Media / Enterprise Plan – Custom Quotes Only

Public Perception (Other Zoolz Cloud
and BigMIND Reviews)


Zoolz aka BigMIND gets some positive scores for functionality, though some reviewers are concerned that it needs more robust security.

How It Compares

If we were just doing a Zoolz review, we would say that Zoolz Cloud is just an average cloud backup service for companies or individuals wanting a business level of service. However, the BigMIND Cloud Backup offers an additional level of technology that you can’t easily find elsewhere.

You can find a lot of online cloud backup companies, many of which offer seemingly the same service. Typically, you will have a desktop application that manages your files and folders and maintains copies in the cloud. Most cloud backup companies these days will also have a mobile app so you can manage or at least access your files from your smartphone or tablet.

Many of these companies primarily target consumers and not businesses, so one thing that BigMIND By Zoolz has to offer is an enterprise level online backup solution. The Tribrid storage and AI features are also great.

What We Think

Skip the older Zoolz Cloud Backup service and go right for the BigMIND Business online backup. With a lot of great features and flexible pricing, BigMIND has a lot to offer with its online backup technologies.

Coupons and Deals

You can get some discounts on your cloud backup service with BigMIND By Zoolz, depending on which service you opt to get. Here are the discounts that are currently available as of this writing:

Zoolz Cloud Backup Service Deals

You cannot get a free trial account with the Zoolz Cloud Backup service. However, you can get a discount for purchasing multiple years at once for all of their service levels.

If you pay in advance for two years, you get a 20 percent discount off the total price. If you pay for three years upfront, you will save a generous 30 percent off of the total price.

BigMIND Cloud Backup Service Deals

The great part about BigMIND is that you can try it for free with their basic 10 GB storage service. With its flexible business pricing, you can also create a plan that works best with your budget.

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