Cloud file sharing, also known as Cloud-based file sharing or online cloud sharing, is a system that enables multiple people to send or share information through a server’s storage space.

As you can imagine, the ability to freely move files back-and-forth is incredibly useful and helps both individuals and businesses become more productive.

Here, we will break down the different points of that sharing and go over two of the best sharing systems to fully explore its capabilities and applications.


Send and Share Files with Ease Using Cloud Sharing

As with everything related to the Cloud, cloud sharing occurs over the internet.

The systems are incredibly useful because they let users access data from anywhere. The Cloud is not just about back up or storage space, it is about creating a connected world.

Not only does Cloud sharing enable you to access your files at all times, it also allows you to set special privileges for other users who might need to access your data. That features makes it incredibly simple to bounce files or folders between numerous people.

Shared files automatically sync to each person’s computer, which means it is easy to send information between friends and colleagues as you see fit. While there are other modes that don’t use the Cloud (such as email) those methods are much slower and not as efficient.


The Benefits of Choosing Dropbox for Cloud Sharing

When it comes to sharing Cloud storage, one of the best systems out there is Dropbox. The service has been around for years, and it enables anyone to share an individual file with whoever they choose. All you have to do is right click a file in your box and click “Share Link.”

From there, the system will also copy a public link to your clipboard. You can then send that link out or post it online to allow people to access or download it as they see fit. This method works much faster than most systems and is perfect for anyone who wants an extra bit of speed.

In addition, Dropbox also helps you share folders with specific people. All you have to do is right-click on a folder in your desktop Dropbox and hit “Share.” You can also right-click the folder in Dropbox on the web and select “Invite to Folder.”

That will then take you to the Dropbox website where you can add the email address of anyone you want to share that folder with. As long as they have a Dropbox account, they can access it.


Sending Information with Google

When looking at efficient storage sharing systems, there is also Google Drive. This is one of the most easily accessible systems because almost everyone uses Google in their daily life.

To share folders here, you simply need to right-click any file or folder inside your Google Drive folder. From there, go to the submenu and just click on “Share.” However, there is also the option to right-click a file or folder in Google Drive on the web and hit “Share” from there. The choice is completely up to you.

Just know that all folders on Google Drive are private by default. That means, when sharing, you can specifically choose who can access them. For instance, you can make files public to give anyone with the link the ability to view them. If you want to do that you need to hit “Change” next to private and then set the share settings to “Anyone with a Link.”

There is also the option to set a folder to “Public of the Web.” That will make it so Google indexes the file in a way that could even show up in certain web search results.

In addition, if you only want to share the file with select individuals you add their addresses. They will then get an invitation to access the file. From there, you can choose what people can do with the file (view or edit) as well.

If you want to sync shared folders or files to your computer all you need to do is visit the “Incoming” section in Google Drive and drag what you want to “My Drive.” Everything will link up from there and all changes will be saved.


Keeping Everyone on the Same Page with Cloud Sharing

Being able to share Cloud information is key for a range of different purposes. Shared Cloud storage helps create more efficient work environments, leads to better projects, and builds a connected world.

The Cloud gets better and better with each passing year, and file sharing is a big part of that evolution.

This technology shows no signs of slowing down and will only get more efficient as time goes on. Even if you do not use the two options laid out above, there is no doubt that Cloud file sharing will work to improve your life.

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