Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) has become popular in recent years due to mass fear surrounding privacy when using the internet. This Total VPN Review will emphasize the many features of their products, though we also emphasize several drawbacks of the company in order to provide a balanced discussion.

Even though the internet is an incredible global network that offers many features, using it recklessly can lead to disastrous consequences. VPN’s offer a secure way to connect to the internet by harnessing the power of a company’s network of computers.

Many companies offer VPN’s, and some of even allow you to connect to their servers for free. In this article, we discuss the company Total VPN.

We start off by giving a comprehensive overview of the products they offer. Then, we compare these products to those offered by another company in the VPN industry. Finally, we discuss our thoughts on whether customers should purchase Total VPN.

Total VPN
Pros & Cons


  • Total VPN runs a very clean website which makes it easy to understand how to connect to a VPN
  •  Total VPN advertises that the uptime on their servers is 99.99%
  • Maximum security


  • Some users have noted that because Total VPN is such a new company, they cannot be trusted quite yet

Total VPN

total vpn review Access All Your Favourite Sites, Streams and Locations for FREE

Total VPN Review

Total VPN offers two main products, namely free access to their VPN and premium access to their VPN, which costs around $4.99 a month.

The free access includes a 2000GB limit on bandwidth and allows you to connect one compatible device to the VPN.

The premium plan, on the other hand, does not have a limit on bandwidth and allows you to connect up to three devices to the VPN.

Both plans accept bitcoin as a form of payment.

Total VPN has servers on every continent except Antarctica, including 17 servers in North America and 20 in Europe. You can connect to any of these servers by logging in to your Total VPN account on your device and clicking on the server. No manual configuration is required.


Total VPN’s services are compatible with most devices, including tablets, laptops, and smartphones. The lone exception is the Chromebook, as Total VPN is currently working on an application for this laptop.

When using Total VPN’s network, your devices IP address will be masked, and your location and personal information will be hidden. Also, all your data is transmitted through an encrypted tunnel formed between your device and the internet, which allows you to bypass your standard internet provider when sending or receiving data.

Total VPN has also expressed that they don’t keep logs of your activity.

Total VPN Review: The Benefits of Total VPN

In this section of our Total VPN Review, we discuss the ways in which this service can benefit customers.

First, Total VPN runs a very clean website which makes it easy to understand how to connect to a VPN. This makes their service perfect for users joining a VPN for the first time. They walk you through every step of the process, explaining not only what to do but the science underlying it.

Total VPN has a webpage on their website devoted exclusively to explaining how VPN’s work. This is an invaluable guide that simplifies the terminology associated with VPN’s. The company not only answers frequently asked questions but also includes visual aids in order to explain how your connection is usually insecure when not using a VPN.


The websites of many VPN services are not approachable, which can be off-putting. Some of these websites feature an overwhelming amount of information or too many services to choose from.

You don’t have to worry about this with Total VPN. Due to the limitations of the free plan, the only legitimate option to choose from is the affordable monthly plan. This minimizes buyer’s remorse which many users feel after purchasing a plan from another VPN company. Some users are perennially unsure if they selected the ideal VPN plan, constantly questioning their decision each time they connect to a VPN server.

This can cause stress which ultimately detracts from your computer experience. Yet, this is the whole point of connecting to a VPN, namely to enhance your computer experience by giving you peace of mind.


Furthermore, Total VPN advertises that the uptime on their servers is 99.99%. This refers to the amount of time that a server is up and able to be connected to. This statistic means that users can trust Total VPN’s network regardless of the time of day or year.

Many VPN’s offer fast speeds and secure connections but only in certain locations or during non-peak hours of the day. Yet, this can be frustrating for users to navigate, as there is constant uncertainty if a certain server will be optimally functioning or even available to use. This could be devastating if you were relying on a server in order to run some program on your computer.

With Total VPN, you never have to worry about this possibility – well, at least 99.99% of the time you won’t have to.

Total VPN Review: The Benefits of the International Servers

total vpn review international servers for uniterrupted connections

Image: CC0 Bsdrouin via Pixabay

Many users will appreciate the scope of Total VPN, as they have servers on almost every continent.

This makes their service ideal for anyone who is trying to access content that has been geographically restricted. Most streaming services restrict their content by country, preventing users from accessing their full catalog. This can be frustrating for some users who want to watch a particular film but can’t due to their location.

By using Total VPN, these users can connect to a server in a country where the movie is not restricted, usually allowing them to enjoy the movie.

Total VPN Review: Real-Time Connection

This is a popular technique also used to watch sports events in real time. Due to differences in time zones, some sports games are only broadcast after they are completed, which can be dissatisfactory for some fans.

Sports is something that should ideally be enjoyed in the moment, not after the fact. Using Total VPN can maximize your experience of watching sports because you can connect to the server in the region where the game is being played. Then, you don’t have to risk having the outcome of the game spoiled by some headline online. Instead, you can enjoy it as its being played.

It’s important to note in this Total VPN Review that some streaming sites like Netflix are still able to restrict content despite the use of VPN’s. It’s not clear what VPN’s this applies to since Netflix’s security policies are constantly changing.

Total VPN Review: The Benefits of Maximum Security

total vpn review features maximum protection

Image: CC0 Pixel creatures via Pixabay

Total VPN offers an empowering service for anyone that accesses the internet from a public network.

Essentially, any time you do this without using a VPN, sensitive information on your computer is vulnerable to being taken by hackers. By using Total VPN, you can ensure this information is encrypted and unable to be stolen.

This allows you to work on your computer in essentially any location. Gone are the days when you have to choose the locations you browse the internet based on how vulnerable they make your devices. This approach limits where you can work and how efficient you are at work.

For example, imagine someone writing an article on the Los Angeles beach. This writer might benefit from sitting in a coffee shop near the beach and observing it while writing the story. Yet, this would be a reckless decision if not using a VPN due to how many users can likely access that coffee shop’s public network. Using this network would put any financial information on your computer at risk of being stolen. This could lead to identifying fraud, which could turn into a giant headache.

Total VPN Review: Public Network

total vpn review Connect to 30+ Locations Worldwide

Image: CC0 Tumisu via Pixabay

By using Total VPN, customers can experience the benefits of using a public network while simultaneously hiding their computers IP address and data. This would give our beach writer peace of mind, allowing him to focus on the writing assignment at hand.

It’s not just theft and fraud that many users are worried about, however. Many users are concerned with the government collecting information on how they browse the internet. Using Total VPN can make your computer information invisible from the government, allowing you to browse freely.

This is especially important for anyone using a program that has been deemed illegal by their country. If you used this illegal program without connecting to one of Total VPN’s servers first, you increase the likelihood that your name and computer’s IP will get on some list, causing the authorities to come after you. This could lead to you having to stop using a particular program or even a fine or jail-time.

By using Total VPN, you can avoid these consequences and use the internet however you wish, without fearing that you are going to face some penalty.

Total VPN Review: The Drawbacks of Total VPN

Some reviews of Total VPN focus only on the company’s strengths, but we think this results in an imbalanced perspective. In this section, we discuss some of Total VPN’s drawbacks.

Any time you use a VPN in order to connect to the internet, you’re trusting the company that you go with. While you might be hiding your information from hackers or the federal government, you’re freely giving some of your information to the servers that you are connecting to.

In this sense, some users have noted that because Total VPN is such a new company, they cannot be trusted quite yet. This level of trust is only earned when a company has been offering a reliable, secure VPN for many years.

Total VPN Review: Subscribers

According to some recent reviews of Total VPN, the company has stopped taking new subscribers. This is an indication of the risks entailed in going with a lesser known VPN service. It’s unclear how much support Total VPN will offer its users in the future or if they will still even offer a VPN going forward.

In this sense, it might be best to go with another company with a proven track record.

Furthermore, some critics base their review of Total VPN on the number of servers that the company has. Total VPN has less than 50 servers worldwide while some companies like StrongVPN has almost 700 servers.

This means that users on Total VPN’s network might have a harder time connecting to a certain server if it’s really popular.


For example, if many Americans wanted to connect to a server in Japan in order to stream some television show, this might result in slower streaming speeds if only several servers were available in the Japan area. By going with a company like StrongVPN, you increase the likelihood that there will be a relatively uncrowded server available to use in the Japan area.

While this might not be a problem for some users, other users might depend on an international server for their job. For example, imagine a writer that must submit a review of a Japanese television show. This would require that the writer watch the show and then write the review. Yet, if the connection speed is slow or the server is overloaded with users, this writer might not be able to watch the show and complete the assignment.

Our Final Thoughts on this Total VPN Review

We think Total VPN seems like a fantastic service when you only examine the features of their monthly plan.

For $4.99 a month, Total VPN seems like a great deal when compared to companies like StrongVPN, which costs $10 a month.

Furthermore, even if they don’t lead the industry in terms of server numbers, they still have servers on every major continent.

Also, Total VPN puts no caps on bandwidth for their monthly plan, allowing you to experience generally fast speeds.

Despite all these features, Total VPN is no longer accepting new users, which is baffling. This should make you extremely hesitant before using their service, as it’s not clear how updated their security and protection is.

If Total VPN does start accepting new users in the future. Then we still recommend going with another VPN service temporarily, as you can’t depend on a VPN with that kind of volatility.

In this sense, we think Total VPN’s monthly plan has many features but is too precarious right now to warrant purchasing.






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